Bathroom Scale Hacking

In blog 6, A revisit of the bathroom scales we pulled apart in blog 4. Now we’re showing you how to affordably hack this bit of household tech and turn it into a complex analytical tool…many possibilities await discovery

A Sensor of Fun

In blog 5, we’ll discover a few more ways to set up these affordable load sensors and introduce some simple configurations to have fun with ... depending on your definition of fun!

A Common Load Beam Exposed!

In blog 4, time to pull apart a common bit of tech that most homes have, the bathroom weighing scales and nerd out on the half bridge sensor beams inside.

The Terms of Stress and Strain

In blog 3 we delve into some load measurement terms, stress and strain in a case study example. With the help of Weighton we'll show how material choices are important where load is a key factor in design.

An Introduction into strain gauges and load cells

In blog 2 we explore some basic fundamentals of strain gauges and load cells, this forms an introduction to the subject matter in hopefully a straightforward manner.

Welcome to IsleSense

Welcome to the home of practical information on load measurement. Combining 50 years of personal experience in the use and application of strain gauges and with the design of load cells and instrumentation, we are passionate about this industry.